CU Health Plan rates increase modestly during Open Enrollment

Average rise of 5.6 percent is below last year’s change

The overall cost of CU’s 2015-16 benefits plans will increase an average of 5.6 percent. This increase is lower than last year’s 7.8 percent increase. Officials of the CU Health and Welfare Trust — the funding vehicle for the CU Health Plan — say the Plan’s overall, average increase is well below those that Mercer Research projects for Colorado plans (11 percent) and Denver-Boulder area plans (9 percent) but slightly more than higher education nationwide (4 percent). The university’s 85 percent-90 percent contribution to employees’ health care premiums, paired with a minimal rise in rate costs, means employees will not pay significantly more for their health care this plan year.

“The CU health plans are considered rich in benefits as compared to many other employer plans, so the fact that we are able to experience a small increase in premiums this year was positive news,” said Michelle Martinez, director of Benefits and Payroll Administration at CU Employee Services.

Rates for medical, dental, vision, life insurance and disability options were released last week and are available at

Medical Plans

Rates for CU Health Plan – High Deductible (HSA compatible) will not increase for faculty, university staff, classified staff and retirees, who currently pay as little as $19 a month for a family plan and $0 for an employee-only plan. This year, CU will debut a health savings account to help cover the cost of qualifying health care expenses not covered by this plan. (Learn more at

Monthly rate increases for CU Health Plan – Exclusive will range from $2.51 for an employee-only plan to $15.32 for a family plan.

Monthly rate increases for CU Health Plan – Kaiser will span from $3.87 for an employee-only plan to $19.19 for a family plan.

Rates are posted for the newly introduced CU Health Plan – Extended. Rates for this plan fall between those for CU Health Plan – Exclusive and CU Health Plan – Kaiser.

Dental Plans

Most dental plan costs for faculty, university staff, classified staff and retirees will not increase. If they do, the increase will be a few cents each month.

Vision Plans

Rates for CU Health Plan – Vision will increase by 1 cent, if at all. Remember: Enrollment in this plan requires a two-year commitment.

Life insurance and disability

Rates for short-term and long-term disability have not changed, nor have rates for optional term life insurance, children’s optional term life insurance, or voluntary accidental death and dismemberment coverage.

Prepare for Open Enrollment by reviewing specific rates for the 2015-16 plan year at

Learn more about plan changes and Open Enrollment sessions at Employee Services’ benefits professionals are available to answer questions at 303-860-4200, option 3.