Open enrollment requires action by all

Period for benefit plans changes runs from May 6-24
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Open Enrollment 2013-14
Open Enrollment, the time when University of Colorado faculty and staff may make changes to benefits plans, begins at 8 a.m. May 6 and ends at 5 p.m. May 24.

The 2013-14 OE is an active enrollment for all medical, dental and vision benefits-eligible employees. If you take no action, you will be automatically enrolled into your current plan elections, except for Flexible Spending, which you must choose each year.

While the overall 2013-14 plan rates are 3.8 percent higher than current rates, the amount paid by university faculty and staff will not increase – and in some cases, it may decrease. This represents the lowest overall rate increase since the University of Colorado Health and Welfare Trust was established.

This year, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield will replace Cigna as the university’s Administrative Services Organization. Due to this change, all CU Health Plan members in the Exclusive or Access Network plan must select a primary care physician; otherwise, one will be automatically assigned based on ZIP code.

The Anthem network of providers for the CU Health Plan – Access Network and High Deductible includes more than 98 percent of the providers who were available through Cigna.

Last fall, Employee Services asked for suggestions to improve the university’s health plans. Several requests have been incorporated into this year’s plans: hearing aid coverage, diabetes disease management programs and voluntary vision coverage.

Other noteworthy changes:

  • Coverage expanded for civil unions: In March, the Colorado Civil Union Act was passed into law, allowing CU employees to add their partner to their benefits coverage when they enter into a civil union. The university’s health plans will continue to cover Same Gender Domestic Partners as well. However, eligibility criteria for these groups will be slightly different.
  • Vision plan added: The CU Health Plan will now offer voluntary vision coverage through Blue View Vision, which includes routine eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses. The new plan is only available to active employees (benefits-eligible 50 percent or greater).
  • Dental coverage unbundled: Starting this year, medical and dental insurance can be elected separately.
  • Diabetes disease management: Diabetics can receive medication and equipment with no copay by actively participating in a disease management program. Those diagnosed with diabetes will receive a letter from Anthem or Kaiser explaining the program.
  • Hearing aids: Adult hearing aid coverage has been added to all plans, providing for a $3,500 maximum allowance every 60 months.
  • Health Care Reform: Health Care Reform is almost in full swing, and many changes have already taken effect. Learn more about expanded preventive care services and other related issues at Anthem’s CU Health Plan page at


The application and final rates will be available on May 6, the first day of Open Enrollment. Learn more about rates, on-campus open enrollment sessions, how to enroll and what happens if you take no action at


Benefits for 2013-14 take effect July 1.