Open Enrollment: Pair CU’s plans with your big life events

Make the smart call to ensure you have the best coverage this plan year


Every year is filled with memorable moments, from having a baby to getting braces. Your employee benefits play a big part in the costs associated with these moments. Open Enrollment, running until 5 p.m. May 11, is your annual opportunity to waive, enroll or change your CU benefits package.

Here a few items you might consider when enrolling:

A family member needs braces?

CU Health Plan – Choice Dental is the only CU-offered plan that provides orthodontic coverage for adults  and children up to age 23. CU Health Plan – Essential Dental covers orthodontic services for children up to age 19. Review 2018-19 dental plan options.

Pregnant or want to start a family?

Whether you’re already expecting or wishing to expand your family, certain benefits may help with costs for the pregnancy, birth and leave after the baby arrives.

Short-term disability

Did you know that pregnancy is considered a short-term disability under CU’s insurance plan? If you’re hoping to expand your family in the coming years, it’s a good option to consider. Just know that if you file a claim for anything other than an accidental injury during the first 12 months after your coverage becomes effective, short-term disability benefits will be subject to the lesser benefit amount for the first 60 days of the disability.

Open Enrollment is the only time you may enroll for this benefit, so find out more about disability benefits.

Medical Plan Coverage: From prenatal care to delivery, CU’s medical plans offer different types of coverage.

CU Health Plan – Exclusive coverage for in-network providers has a $15 copayment for the first prenatal care office visit and no copayment for delivery and inpatient services after you’ve met your deductible.

 CU Health Plan – Extended coverage for in-network providers has a $25 copayment for the first prenatal office visit and a 10 percent coinsurance payment for delivery and inpatient services after you’ve met your deductible.

CU Health Plan – High Deductible requires a 15 percent coinsurance payment for all pregnancy services after meeting your deductible.

CU Health Plan – Kaiser fully covers all prenatal and postnatal care with a $250 copayment per day for delivery and inpatient services.

See what else each plan has to offer

Need a pair of glasses?

With CU Health Plan – Vision, you can get benefits toward eyeglass lenses and either frames or contact lens purchases every year.

If you are enrolled in either CU Health Plan – Exclusive or CU Health Plan – Kaiser, these plans have built-in coverage for eye exams. Lenses and frames are not included.

Need to compare CU’s offered medical plans?

With the new interactive Plan Comparison Tool, you can review different aspects the four medical plans for faculty and staff to focus on what’s important to you in a plan without getting lost in the details. Note: The interactive tool is not recommended for Internet Explorer or mobile devices. A classic Plan Comparison Tool is also available.

Get started on the Open Enrollment website.