STORY or SkillSoft: Which training tool should you use?

Both provide wealth of educational resources for faculty, staff

With’s recent expansion to faculty and staff on all campuses, the University of Colorado now provides its workforce with two online learning tools. This may leave some employees asking, “Which one is right for me?”

The primary difference: SkillSoft is home to CU’s required compliance courses, as completions report into HCM as part of an employee’s record. Yet both tools provide a wealth of educational resources for CU faculty and staff looking for professional development opportunities.

“When you’re looking to learn more about a given topic, check out both learning systems to see what is available,” said Janet Lowe, director of employee learning and development in Employee Services. “I think you’ll find SkillSoft and provide training materials for all types of learning styles.”

In the comparison chart below, see what and SkillSoft have in common, how they differ and which tool to use for the task at hand:

Skillsoft vs.