UIS Impact Report: Adapting and growing technologies for future needs

Department strives to meet CU’s needs through innovative IT solutions
By Staff

UIS Impact Report: Adapting and growing technologies for future needs

The latest University Information Services Impact Report details ways the department innovates and adapts technology to prepare the University of Colorado for the future.

UIS provides technical services and enterprise applications to all CU campuses and system administration. From student technology services to research and grant systems to human resources, UIS supports CU’s daily activities, in collaboration with its technology partners throughout CU.

The report details how UIS staff is adapting, connecting and growing CU’s technological prowess.

“In this report, there are countless examples of UIS not just maintaining but innovating with technology to move CU forward, adapting to the changes around us,” said Scott Munson, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer at CU system. “UIS also continues to drive forward with foresight, collaborating with all University of Colorado campuses, looking for new opportunities to leverage technology that can make a positive impact for you, our community and society.”

A few report highlights:

  • See how Research and Grants systems support the management of $1.4 billion in sponsored research each year
  • Understand the ways UIS is aiding the growth of CU’s online learning capabilities
  • See how data is gathered from many systems and delivered across CU’s campuses
  • Discover a key UIS activity that helps to protect CU from costly cyberattacks, which are increasingly common among public research universities
  • Learn about a variety of technology projects that saved time and money, from tracking tuition assistance applications and transfer credits to making it easy to correctly pronounce someone’s name

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