New UIS maintenance blog debuts

Maintenance Matters provides easier-to-understand experience
By Staff

New UIS maintenance blog debuts

With the new year, UIS debuted a new maintenance blog, Maintenance Matters.

The UIS newsletter and blog name changed from Service Alerts Digest to Maintenance Matters for several reasons:

  • Maintenance does matter
  • The new name presents blog and newsletter content more clearly
  • The new name reflects how the blog and newsletter are updating to make it easier and clearer to find what you need

The new blog home page layout features maintenance windows divided into sections based on the type of maintenance and defines what is included in each maintenance. Categories include Production Maintenance, Non-Production Maintenance, HCM Maintenance, CU-SIS Maintenance, Other Upcoming Maintenance and Completed Maintenance.

The new design allows individuals to more easily see upcoming outages that affect them. Once a window has passed, the blog post will be removed from the home page.

A new glossary defines each service that may be unavailable during a maintenance window.

The new newsletter layout is similar to the blog, organizing maintenance windows according to the type of maintenance occurring.

Maintenance Matters