Open Enrollment begins April 23: Few changes, no rate increases

Benefits professionals will visit campuses ahead of May 11 deadline
By Staff


It’s almost the time of year for employees to dial in on available benefits options and select plans to meet their needs. Open Enrollment, from April 23 to May 11, allows employees to make changes, enroll in or waive elements of their benefits package.

What’s changing?

While it’s common to hear of rising medical plan costs, the University of Colorado has good news: Plan rates will not increase for the 2018-19 plan year for faculty, staff and regular retirees. Early retirees may see small increases in dental premiums.

CU Health Plan – Exclusive members will have access to more doctors and specialists when the current three regional networks merge into a statewide network. Emergency room costs and out-of-pocket limits are increasing for all medical plans.

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Open Enrollment Sessions and Carrier Fairs

Benefits professionals and plan representatives are coming to each CU campus April 23-May 2. Benefits specialists will be there to dial in available plan options and answer questions to ensure CU faculty and staff may examine the best available benefit options.

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Be on the lookout for more details on this year’s plan changes, rates and documents coming to CU Connections, your mailbox, email inbox and on the Employee Services website.