Mapping guides show paths of retirement investments in July

Plan participants may begin making changes June 15
By Staff

When the University of Colorado modernizes the funds offered within its retirement Plans this summer, employees with accounts through Fidelity and Vanguard can expect their funds to transfer into the new investment lineup without having to lift a finger. Many TIAA-CREF participants can expect the same.

These CU 401(a) and 403(b) plan participants can see the exact funds into which they’ll be reinvested by reviewing the Plans’ mapping guides, available These mapping strategy guides offer a side-by-side view of current funds and their like counterparts within the Plans’ new investment lineup. The mapping strategies follow Department of Labor guidelines and were developed by Innovest Portfolio Solutions, the university’s independent retirement plan consultant.

When reviewing the guides, check to see which of your current investments will automatically transfer into like funds within the new lineup in July. Those that do will be placed into a newly issued TIAA-CREF CU Retirement Plan account that same month.

Some account balances won’t automatically transfer.

Account balances that meet the following criteria will not automatically transfer into the new investment lineup:

investments in TIAA-CREF annuities,
403(b) Plan investments with American Century, Dreyfus, DWS, MetLife and VALIC

The mapping guides will help participants with these investments find comparable ones in the new lineup — either in which they can direct future Plan contributions or transfer their existing assets.

After the transition in July, any contributions these participants make to their Plan(s) through payroll deduction will flow into a new TIAA-CREF Plan account. Those contributions will then be invested in the Plan’s target date funds.

Participants who would like to change how their funds are invested may do so beginning June 15 through the CU-TIAA-CREF website,, or in July, following the transition. Those wishing to transfer assets may contact TIAA-CREF at 1-800-842-2252 to schedule an appointment to fill out paperwork.