Kaiser, other health choices shifting from state to CU for some employees

Much-requested change could mean lower costs for many classified staff
By Staff

Responding to employee requests and taking advantage of new efficiency improvements at the state level, University of Colorado leadership is making available CU health plans to classified employees who previously were required to enroll in state plans.

The change will take effect July 1. At that time, all classified staff in a 50 percent or greater benefits-eligible position will be offered CU medical, dental, life and short- and long-term disability insurance plans. They will no longer be offered state of Colorado plans, which still will be offered to classified staff in less-than-50-percent positions who meet state eligibility rules.

As part of last year’s Colorado Senate Bill 1301, which enabled greater efficiency in operations at higher education institutions, CU and others now may offer their benefit plans to eligible staff. The university’s Kaiser medical plan has typically offered greater benefits at a lower cost as compared to the state’s offering, which led many classified staff to request access to the CU Kaiser plan.

Besides being able to offer plans that are often at better rates than state offerings, the university also will take advantage of more streamlined administration of employee benefit plans.

In a letter being mailed to employees by Payroll & Benefit Services, Gena Trujillo, director of benefits administration, also notes that the University of Colorado Health and Welfare Trust recently selected CIGNA as its new administrative services organization for non-Kaiser plans. As part of the change, this spring’s open enrollment will require all employees to choose benefit plans or waive coverage for 2012-13 – even employees who have waived coverage in the past.

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