Health and Welfare Trust chooses new medical benefits administrator

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield to take on services role after June 30
By Staff

The University of Colorado Health and Welfare Trust employers on Monday chose not to extend the current administrative services contract with Cigna beyond June 30.

The employers of the health trust are the University of Colorado, University of Colorado Hospital and University Physicians Inc.

“After considerable analysis and discussion, the employers concluded that Cigna is not the best match for the Trust, given the complexities of the CU Health Plan,” said E. Jill Pollock, vice president, Employee and Information Services, and chair of the University of Colorado Health and Welfare Trust.

The employers are re-engaging Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield to handle administrative services for the CU Health Plan effective July 1. Anthem will be responsible for claims processing, benefit appeal hearings, certain provider networks and other administrative functions.

Cigna will continue to serve the current benefit plans through June 30.  During this period, employees will not see changes to their health coverage. Employees participating in the Kaiser Permanente plan are not affected by this change.

More details will be available during Open Enrollment for CU employees this spring.