CU Health Plan membership has its rewards


If you’re still thinking about whether to enroll or re-enroll in a CU Health Plan, here’s something that may sway you: CU Health Plan members receive discounts and rewards through six wellness programs.

The programs — including a new initiative aimed at engaging children — are part of the health and wellness package you’ll receive by enrolling in CU Health Plan Exclusive, High Deductible or Kaiser by Friday, May 16. Existing members of CU Health Plan Access Network who re-enroll also are eligible. Most of the programs are sponsored by Be Colorado, the wellness component of the CU Health Plan.

CU Health Plan wellness programs emphasize healthy activity, preventive care methods and the notion that learning about and understanding your health is an important step in achieving wellness. To that end, the CU Health Plan offers:

  • two programs that measure your health status.
  • opportunities to earn rewards by tracking movement and nutritional intake, and achieving goals.
  • a forum to lead your co-workers in wellness events and activities.
  • help to quit smoking.

CU Health Plan wellness programs

Type of program




Be Colorado Move. rewards participants with $25 for completing at least 30 minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity for at least 12 days a month
Brussels + Muscles (coming in July) uses gaming and educational content to motivate children 5-11 to be physically activity and make healthy food choices
Weight Watchers discounted membership to an internationally successful nutrition and weight loss program, with access to online or in-person support

Health measurement

Biometric Screenings free, private sessions to measure cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, height, weight and waist circumference, and provide baseline information about health status and recommendations
Health Assessment online, confidential questionnaire capturing your current lifestyle and healthmust be completed to participate in Be Colorado Move.

Employee engagement

Be Colorado Wellness Champion program solicits and tasks campus liaisons to help shape health and wellness initiatives, and be vocal representatives of the Be Colorado program

Smoking cessation

CU Health Plan – BREATHE with Quitline offers employees who smoke (and their dependents 14 and older) personalized support, online or by phone, limited nicotine replacement therapy and helpful guides


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