Business School gaining exposure with weekly 9News appearance

Business School gaining exposure with weekly 9News appearance

Gregg Moss interviews CU Denver Business School Dean Sueann Ambron during the first 9News "Your Money Monday" segment on Monday.

The CU Denver Business School launched its new partnership with 9News Monday morning. Anchor/reporter Gregg Moss will broadcast live from the J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities every Monday morning for the next year in news segments called "Your Money Monday."

The newscasts give the Business School a chance to showcase faculty expertise and programs while 9News has the opportunity to be on the road in a high-tech, active educational trading center.

"We’re looking forward to connecting with the faculty at the CU Denver Business School and tapping into their expertise not only in stocks and trading but on issues that matter to consumers like jobs, the economy and topics that affect us every day," Moss said.

On Monday, Dean Sueann Ambron was in the spotlight, talking about the need for commodities education and research and the role the J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities will play in both.

"Commodities touch every aspect of our life," Ambron said. "It’s exciting to have launched a center that focuses on all areas of commodities – energy, agriculture and minerals. There’s a big demand for students with the skills in the commodities arena."

"Your Money Monday" broadcasts will begin around 5:20 every Monday morning and run on 9News until 7 a.m., then they will switch over to My 20 and run through 8:30 a.m.