Board of Regents February meeting coverage

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Regents approve civics literacy initiative
Board approves motions encouraging new certificate, online effort, more
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Budget proposal includes 3 percent increase for compensation
The Board of Regents on Wednesday reviewed the 2019-20 budget and fee proposal, which includes a 3 percent increase in compensation and benefits, as recommended in Gov. Jared Polis’ proposed state budget.
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Board of Regents approves diversity task force
Committee will focus initially on diversity among faculty, diversity of thought
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Regents look inward to gauge board effectiveness
The CU Board of Regents will evaluate its efficiency with a scaled-down questionnaire versus the last evaluation conducted in 2014.
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Board will continue exploring stipend option for future regents
The CU Board of Regents on Wednesday voted 5-3 to continue researching the feasibility of allowing incoming board members to be paid stipends for their work on the board.
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Tenure list: February 2019
The CU Board of Regents on Wednesday approved three appointments of tenure.
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