Regents look inward to gauge board effectiveness


The CU Board of Regents will evaluate its efficiency with a scaled-down questionnaire versus the last evaluation conducted in 2014.

Patrick O’Rourke, vice president, university counsel and secretary to the board, said the 2014 survey was insightful, but might have had seen clearer results if it had been simplified – that survey was 65 questions.

“In retrospect, I believe the survey tried to measure too much and didn’t provide us with enough guidance about the key areas where the Board of Regents could improve,” said O’Rourke, whose office will provide the regents with a 10-question survey for their self-evaluation.

The regents will also evaluate the revised board committee design structure adopted in 2016, which consolidated the board’s eight committees and subcommittees into four committees with no subcommittees. The board will include its constituents in the survey to assess the efficiency of the streamlined committee process and to seek input for any further changes to that structure.

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