Dropping names...

By Staff


Tami Struessel, senior instructor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine physical therapy program, was honored by the Education Section American Physical Therapy Association with the 2012 Feitelberg Journal Founders’ Award, which recognizes excellence in preparing a manuscript by a first-time author in the Journal of Physical Therapy Education. … Mark Stanker, assistant vice president for Payroll & Benefit Services, has been named plan administrator for the University of Colorado Health and Welfare Trust. The growth in size and complexity of the trust since its founding in 2010 necessitated a separate office to handle its affairs. Stanker has led Payroll & Benefit Services for the past 11 years. He was a key member of the original Administrative Streamlining Project, which consolidated the payroll functions and inaugurated the present human resources management system (HRMS). Replacing Stanker is Lisa Landis, whose present responsibilities for System Administration human resources will be combined with those in PBS. Her new title is assistant vice president, Employee Services. Landis has been a key contributor to universitywide human resources functions, particularly as lead for the comprehensive university staff compensation project, the RFP process regarding the next generation of HRMS and the dependent tuition benefit. … Seven faculty or staff members joined UCCS in January. They are: Cheryl Hill, senior instructor, UCCS Teach Program, College of Education; Julie Anderson, manager, Peak Nutrition Clinic, Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences; Donald Tharp, educational technologist, School of Public Affairs; Teresa Wagner, accounting technician, Student Financial Services; April Martin, communication technician, Department of Public Safety; Frederick Warren, senior research associate, Trauma Health and Hazards Center; and Carolyn Yeager, senior application software engineer, Trauma Health and Hazards Center.