Dropping names …

By Staff

Taisto Mäkelä

Taisto Mäkelä, associate professor of architecture at CU Denver and director of Finnish Initiatives, published the article, “Why the Classical? Two Decades of Teaching at the University of Colorado Denver: A Retrospective Glance” in “The Classicist,” No. 10, Sept. 16, 2013. “The Classicist” is an award-winning scholarly journal of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA) and is the only journal of its kind in North America that reaches a broad readership that includes design professionals, academics, students, and the design and architecture enthusiasts. … Rob Leeret, director of emergency/trauma services at University of Colorado Hospital, and Richard Zane,  professor and chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine, recently received the President’s Award for Partners in Leadership at a ceremony. The award recognizes the transition to the new emergency room in April. … Sara Yeatman, assistant professor in health and behavioral sciences, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at CU Denver, had a paper published in the most recent “Journal of Demography” titled "Young women's dynamic family size preferences in the context of transitioning fertility,” which focuses on the family-size preferences of Mawalian women in order to address the preference changes that occur for women as fertility changes. The paper was co-authored with Christie Sennott, postdoc with the Institute of Behavioral Science at CU-Boulder, and Steven Culpepper, former faculty member in CU Denver's mathematical and statistical sciences department.