Weight Watchers at work launches Friday

By Staff

Starting Friday, Be Colorado and Weight Watchers are teaming up to help CU Health Plan participants achieve their weight-loss goals and improve their overall health. Be Colorado will offer two options for customized weight-loss plans:

Weight Watchers meetings with Monthly Pass ­

  • Guidance from an experienced Leader who has lost weight with Weight Watchers
  • Access to At Work meetings and unlimited local community meetings

At Work Meetings: With At Work meetings, participants have the option to attend meetings right at their workplace, creating a supportive environment to help them achieve their weight-loss goals. Minimum enrollment and participation is required to start an At Work meeting. A group must have 15 Monthly Pass members to start and must maintain an average of 12 or more members for meetings to remain ongoing. Individuals who are interested in starting an At Work meeting can contact an At Work meeting manager at 1-800-8-AT-WORK.

Weight Watchers Online Subscription

  • An online, science-based plan with content customized to individual needs
  • Tailored sites that serve the unique needs of men and women
  • Restaurant and Nutrition Guides,  Customized Meal Plans and Daily Tips and Food Ideas
  • Over 160,000 food options and 3,800 recipes to help take the guesswork out of food choices

Click here for information on pricing, FAQs and more.