Understand your free, discounted health tests with doctor’s help

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Be Colorado

From the Be Colorado Wellness Team:

Dr. Rich Penaloza gets it: Many people just don't like going to the doctor.

He also knows each minute you avoid seeing your doctor, you may unknowingly be feeding or neglecting a very preventable disease or ailment. It can be easy to detect with quick blood pressure, cholesterol and weight tests, he says. A seasonal flu vaccination can't hurt, either.

And if you could save yourself about $250 to take other important tests at discounted prices, wouldn't you?

These are all things you can get completed within minutes at Be Colorado's fall 2013 biometric health screenings. These tests and vaccinations are open to you and your covered spouse or partner courtesy the CU Health Plan, of which Dr. Penaloza is an associate medical director.

You can drop in for a flu vaccination only, make an appointment for the full screening and flu shot, or take our discounted tests, which include blood typing, a screening for Celiac disease and measurements of blood count, kidney and liver function, and more.

"If you go in and order that in our clinic, you're going to get a $250 bill; it's going to fill up your whole co-pay," Penaloza says. "You can really get a great amount of things for a very inexpensive price here."

Register for your health screening today, and learn what your free and discounted tests measure, and what your results mean.

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