Symposium takes on content, context of digital culture

By Staff

A two-day symposium at the University of Colorado Boulder will address emerging forms of communication and their uses for sustaining contemporary culture and society.

“The Content and Context of Digital Culture: Production, Distribution, Consumption,” sponsored by CU’s Journalism and Mass Communication program, will feature speakers and panelists from on and off the CU-Boulder campus. Scholars and practitioners will discuss current research, describe ongoing projects, and introduce future ideas about media literacy, the growth and meaning of digital networks, digital media entrepreneurship and more. The symposium also will expose a wide range of interdisciplinary possibilities for campus research and education.

Featured speakers include Patricia Aufderheide, professor of film and media arts at American University; Adrienne Russell, associate professor of digital media studies at the University of Denver; and Tom Streeter, professor of sociology at the University of Vermont.

The event supports the university's ongoing effort to design and establish an Information, Communication, Journalism, Media and Technology (ICJMT) entity on campus.

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