Retirement savings on track? Schedule consultation today


Make sure your retirement savings are on track: Schedule one-on-one consultation

The recent modernization of the University of Colorado’s retirement fund lineup came with a significant perk: a five-person team of TIAA-CREF financial consultants who are solely dedicated to providing unbiased financial advice in one-on-one consultations with CU faculty and staff.

Designed to help CU employees determine the resources necessary to best prepare for the future, these one-on-one consultations are available on each CU campus with appointments to fit any schedule. Since March, more than 1,100 CU faculty and staff have taken part in these convenient consultations to discuss the transition’s effect on their investments, the new investment options or to get a retirement checkup.

Jeremy Darling, associate professor of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences at CU-Boulder, scheduled a consultation this summer.

“The reality far exceeded my expectations – it was extremely educational. The consultant did his homework before the meeting, and gave me the tools and knowledge I need for the future,” Darling said.

These sessions are all about the employee. To get started, the Financial Consultation Prep Guide details how employees are able to discuss the issues they want in a comfortable setting and what to bring to an appointment. While the focus of these meetings is questions related to retirement planning, they also provide an opportunity to discuss other financial issues or concerns.   

These consultations are strongly encouraged for CU faculty and staff who still have money in funds with CU’s former retirement vendors or with previous employers. TIAA-CREF’s consultants can walk employees through the steps to move their money over to CU’s new lineup, if appropriate for the individual’s unique situation.

“Just as you visit your doctor for your annual physical checkup, the same should hold true for the review of your retirement planning,” says Elizabeth Stemper, vice president at Innovest Portfolio Solutions, LLC, the university’s independent retirement plan consultant. “We encourage participants to meet at least annually with a financial consultant – the knowledge you gain will help empower you to focus on achieving your retirement goals through informed choices throughout the planning process.”

To find more information about one-on-one consultations, download this Financial Consultation Prep Guide and schedule an appointment today. To schedule an appointment, call 1-800-732-8353, or sign up online. You may also view a calendar of upcoming on-campus consultations.

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