Online application for tuition benefit now open

Electronic form streamlines process for CU employees, dependents
By Staff

Tuition waiver pilot program

With the fall semester right around the corner, now is the time to take advantage of the Tuition Waiver Benefit as a CU employee or qualified dependent. Employees Services has begun accepting electronic Tuition Waiver Benefit forms for the 2017-18 academic year.

The new electronic form will streamline the application processes, route immediately to the appropriate approvers and trigger emails to the employee on their application’s status.

CU’s Tuition Benefit provides waived or discounted credit hours to eligible employees or their dependents for credit-bearing courses on any CU campus. Employees must waive their tuition benefit before their dependent – such as a child or spouse – may use it.

For employees:

Employees may have nine credits waived per academic year for undergraduate and graduate classes on any CU campus. An academic year for employees lasts from the fall semester through the following summer semester.

Employees must apply as a student to the desired campus in order to receive the benefit and register on the day classes begin.

For dependents:

Dependents have two tuition benefit options: Option A – Home Campus or Option B – Other Campus.

Option A – Home Campus is available when a dependent attends undergraduate or graduate classes (some exclusions may apply) on the employee’s campus of employment. They will receive up to nine waived credits per academic year. CU Boulder dependents, however, receive a 30 percent tuition discount.

This fall is the debut of Option B – Other Campus (Intercampus Dependent Tuition Waiver Pilot Program). This three-year pilot program is for dependents who attend undergraduate, credit-bearing courses on a campus other than the campus where the employee works. Employees receive $270 per credit for up to nine credit hours for the academic year. This is a savings of up to $2,430 a year on tuition.

Understand qualifications:

Both the employee and dependent cannot use the benefit in the same year. Employees can only choose one option each academic year, and give their benefit to a dependent.

The benefit only applies to tuition costs. All required campus-specific fees, taxes and other related educational expenses must be paid for by the employee or their dependent. Audits, continuing education, extended studies, executive and distance MBAs and the 11-month MBA program do not apply.

Visit the Employee Services’ website for full details, campus-specific deadlines and helpful FAQs and comparison handouts.