New feature helps CU Health Plan participants kick bad habits

Prevent component provides tools for living healthier lifestyle

New feature helps CU Health Plan participants kick bad habits

Old habits die hard. A new component of CU Health Plan – Prevent, administered by Omada, wants to help participants make the lifestyle change to say goodbye to unhealthy habits by providing guidance, help and support.

The new Omada component is a 16-week online program aimed at weight loss and preventing obesity-related chronic diseases. Participants are guided toward a happier, healthier well-being. The online program focuses on four main goals: changing food habits, increasing activity levels, preparing for challenges and reinforcing healthy choices.

Statistics show the need for lifestyle change is staggering. According to the Centers for Disease Control, nine out of 10 people with prediabetes do not know they have it. Without intervention, 15 percent to 30 percent of people with prediabetes will develop Type 2 diabetes within five years.

“We expanded our Prevent program to provide an additional option that is an interesting, engaging and personal online experience for plan participants,” said Erin Benoy, CU Health Plan’s director of health initiatives and affairs.

During the program, participants will have access to tools and features that make each stage as easy as possible. These include:

  • A personal health coach
  • Weekly online lessons
  • A wireless scale and pedometer to track progress
  • Involvement in a small, private support group for added motivation
  • Games to help participants understand how to apply newfound knowledge to real-life scenarios

At the end of the 16 weeks, participants will continue to receive feedback and support through Sustain, the long-term extension of the Prevent program with shorter weekly lessons, but the same supportive community.

The program is not about losing a drastic amount of weight at one time. Prevent is all about ensuring participants establish healthy habits that will last a lifetime. These habits will help participants remain successful, happy and healthier, so they can enjoy all aspects of their lives.

Interested in signing up? Visit and take the one-minute test to qualify for the program. The test will determine risk level for obesity-related diseases, such as prediabetes or heart disease.

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