Meeting summary: Boulder Staff Council

By Staff

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Boulder Staff Council Meeting – Jan. 12, 2011

Visitor(s): Emily Bell, UCB Bursar's Office

Vice Chair Report


  • Vice chair welcomes guest speaker E. Jill Pollock, senior associate vice president and chief human resources officer. Office, 303-860-5644


Speaker Topics (see full version minutes at / meetings and minutes tab):


  • Health trust
  • New staff portal
  • Hewitt benefits review
  • Legislative session
  • Shared services
  • Student health insurance task force FYI
  • Q&A


Action Items


  • A request to put minutes in the Faculty and Staff Newsletter has been received.
  • Communications committee/Staff Council administrator will condense minutes and submit to Newsletter with link to full version on Staff Council site.


Chancellors Advisory Committee on Multi Cultural Affairs



Chancellor's Executive Committee



Communication Committee
Drummond / McKee –


  • Survey Monkey results show in favor of Communication Committee screening and sending Staff Council information to constituents to control many repeat communications being sent.
  • Atomic sender is being considered with two other services being reviewed.
  • Hoping for final decisions on university branding in order to go forward with website design.
  • A form will be available for brief committee info to be posted to website. Executive board also will send updates.
  • A quarterly employee listing report will be requested in order to keep sending list current.


Election Committee
Douvres –


  • New campus geographical areas for Staff Council representation have been completed and previously sent via email to reps for review.
  • Some members will be representing different areas due to change. Douvres will contact those with changing areas.
  • Motion to approve area representation changes by Hill, McKee seconds. All are in favor, one abstention.
  • Election nomination process will begin immediately. Encourages Staff Council members to make nominations. Members are encouraged to begin thinking of officer nominations and elections for July.


Bo –


  • Survey results from staff indicate highest interest in healthy eating options on campus with second choice on walking maps through campus.
  • Inquiries for maps for the walking paths have begun. Tree and architectural highlights will be incorporated in routes.
  • Jill Pollock (still at meeting) states there may be funding available for wellness developments at campus level with possible stipulation that programs be monitored, data recorded and reports prepared, possibly with comparison to other campuses.
  • Within the survey was information from individual CU-Boulder buildings about what they are doing for wellness promotion. Networking will be promoted.
  • Pollock: System office created walking trails that are architecturally oriented due to proximity to state/government buildings near 1800 Grant St.


Douvres –


  • PBRL is working on a PERA resolution stating that 2.5 percent employee contribution not be renewed.
  • Some hesitancy not wanting to push too many budgetary resolutions in one year.
  • A resolution for clearer communication is being worked on. Difficult as many of the issues are state rules.
  • Two field trips to the Capitol are being arranged. Feb. 16 and April 15, both of which are during the legislative session. Tours of city buildings also are being arranged.
  • Administrative leave for work-related function is used by many members. Speak to supervisor. Staff Council can send info letter if requested.

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