HCM Workshop covers job descriptions, qualifications, competencies

Key users encouraged to sign up
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HCM Workshop covers job descriptions, qualifications, competencies

With HCM Overview Workshops underway this week, Employee Services is gearing up for the next training session on Non-Person Profiles.

As part of the two-year Elevate project, CU will upgrade its existing Human Resources Management System (HRMS) with Human Capital Management (HCM), an Oracle software system that streamlines recruitment, payroll, time tracking and more. Rollout is slated for early November.

Key users, known as the HCM Community (formerly Business Partners), can expect many changes and improvements to their day-to-day tasks. To help them get up to speed, Employee Services is hosting a series of six HCM Workshops, starting July 7 and running through the fall.

The Non-Person Profiles workshop will have sessions available on all four campuses and CU System from July 22 to Aug. 4. The workshop’s lecture portion reviews what’s new and what’s similar to current processes, as well as how data flows between new systems and modules.

During a live demonstration, HCM Community professionals will learn how to create new positions and handle transfers and promotions for different employee groups. The course also reviews new approval processes designed to improve data accuracy and quality.

Building blocks for success

Non-Person Profiles are essential to CU’s future HR process, according to Elevate project leaders.

Non-Person Profiles bundle job descriptions, job qualifications, competencies and other data in one neat package. These “building blocks” will fundamentally link HR systems through shared, accurate data.

In other words, HCM will interact more effectively with other CU applications, helping cut down on data entry. Information entered in HCM will feed into recruiting tool CU Careers (replacing Jobs at CU) and ePerformance, a tool used to review employees and help them map professional goals and performance benchmarks.

Users also will benefit from new Non-Person Profile templates, which automatically upload data for similar positions, or job families. Not only will templates help save time and work, but also standardize job requirements and descriptions for positions throughout the CU System, according to Employee Services.

Since Non-Person Profiles are essential to new HR processes, Employee Services encourages all HCM Community professionals to attend the training and register as soon as possible. Find registration information below.

What’s next?

The workshop series will cover just about every part of HCM, helping employees retool their skill set for a modern, more agile system.

Following the Non-Person Profiles workshop, training sessions will dive into executing specific tasks, such as paying employees, performing HCM transactions and managing talent using CU Careers. HCM Community professionals also will have the opportunity to practice using the system at Structured and Open Computer Lab Sessions later in the fall.

At the end of the training phase, HCM Community members can take a cumulative assessment to identify areas where they excel and where they can make improvements. 

Employee Services stresses that spots are filling up quickly and recommends registering for workshops as soon as possible. For a full calendar of trainings, visit

How to register for HCM Workshops

  • Log in to
  • On the right-hand menu, click Training
  • Click Start SkillSoft and enter your login information if prompted
  • Click Catalog
  • Click CU Instructor-Led Training (the second folder in the list)
  • Click Elevate: HCM Campus Workshops
  • There are six training topics. Click on the topic you’d like to attend.
  • Click on the small calendar icon on the top left corner of the training window. It will open a table that displays the dates, times and location of the workshops.
  • Once you’ve found a training that works for your schedule and location, click Enroll on the furthest column to the right. You’ll be emailed an enrollment confirmation, which you can link to your Outlook calendar.
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