Fall biometric screenings coming soon


There are more than 50 reasons for members of the CU Health Plan to register for a free, fall health screening, but the most compelling is simple: Knowledge is key to improving or preventing serious health problems.

That’s been the resounding message from participants of Be Colorado’s past fall biometric screenings, says Mark Gelband, director of Be Colorado, the wellness program within the CU Health Plan. The screenings have prompted people to schedule immediate follow-up appointments with their doctors, overhaul their diets to reduce dangerously high cholesterol levels and incorporate more movement into their daily activity. In short, these health screenings help save lives.

If that’s not motivation enough for the thousands of CU Health Plan participants on all four CU campuses and at 1800 Grant St. to take advantage of the 19 screenings — which include blood, cholesterol, height and weight tests, and flu shots — event coordinators have a few enticing carrots to offer:

  • New this year: Spouses and partners on the CU Health Plan are welcome to take the free tests and get free flu shots.
  • Want a test that’s not included in this free workup? No problem; participants can take advantage of blood typing, vitamin D, blood count and various other tests at discounted rates.
  • By participating and taking control of your health, Be Colorado will enter your name into a raffle for one of 50 Fitbit Zip activity-tracking devices. Winners can use the devices to track their movement and participation in Be Colorado MOVE., the fitness component of the wellness program.

If you’re on the CU Health Plan, register for one of the screenings, Sept. 24-Nov. 7, at The site includes detailed instructions on how to register, a calendar of the screenings and downloadable forms to complete before you arrive.