Faculty Council Committee Corner: Communications

Improved web resources among current projects
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Faculty Council Committee Corner: Communications
Faculty Council Communication Committee 2020-21 members: Top, from left, Ibacache, Makarewicz, Scott, Stavrositu, Bell; bottom, from left, Beuten, Dedrick, McConnellogue, Cunningham, Velte.

The Faculty Council Communications Committee considers the communication of information within the University of Colorado and to the broader communities impacted by the university. Specifically, it is tasked with advising systemwide communication media to assure inclusion of relevant content, informing constituencies of the issues before the Faculty Council, and encouraging greater participation in the shared governance process, among others.

During the 2020-2021 academic year, our committee will focus its efforts on the following new and ongoing projects:

Faculty Council Website and Faculty Communication Guide

F3 Faculty Council Committee Corner: Communications

The Faculty Council Communications Committee will be serving in an advisory role for the Faculty Council website redesign. An important goal of the redesign process will be to identify and implement ways to increase the visibility of the Faculty Council’s initiatives, as well as strengthen shared governance at CU.

Additionally, the Faculty Communication Guide (tentative name) that our committee has been working on for the past two years will be going live on the newly redesigned website. As a reminder, the Faculty Communication Guide will serve as a comprehensive set of resources and information for new and existing faculty across the CU campuses. We look forward to your feedback.

Committee Charge Revision

In collaboration with Brenda J. Allen, Professor Emerita and former Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion at CU Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus, we will undertake revising our committee charge in order to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles and practices more centrally into our mission. For the current committee charge, please visit our page on the Faculty Council website.

Committee Corner and Faculty Voices (CU Connections)

Lastly, the Faculty Council Communications Committee will continue to work with the CU Connections staff toward the publication of the Committee Corner and the Faculty Voices article series. The former is devoted to highlighting the work of the seven standing committees of the Faculty Council. The latter solicits submissions from faculty that consider timely and intriguing topics via a combination of personal opinion, experience and/or research. For the current call for submissions to the Faculty Voices series, please visit


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The committee is currently recruiting representatives from the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Feel free to contact any of our members with questions or comments:

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