Faculty invited to contribute to CU Connections commentaries

CU Faculty Voices an initiative of Faculty Council
By Staff

CU Faculty Voices

The Faculty Council Communications Committee and CU Connections invite you to join our forum for conversation across the four CU campuses: CU Faculty Voices.

In this series of commentaries, CU faculty are invited to submit written pieces with a point of view. The goal is to foster conversation about current topics and issues on the minds of faculty at the four campuses. We welcome submissions that explore these topics through the authors’ personal opinion, experience, or research.

Selected pieces will be published on the CU Connections website and promoted in the CU Connections email newsletter, which is distributed to all CU faculty and staff across the system.

At the authors’ request, university communications staff will make every effort to disseminate the article more broadly via other CU publications and external media. Authors also will receive an appreciation gift for their time, such as CU branded items, tickets for the University of Colorado A-line train, etc., as well as a letter of recognition for their service from the Faculty Council Communications Committee and the CU Vice President of Communication.

Content should be timely and relevant to the faculty and/or staff of the University of Colorado system. Subjects may be local (specific people and issues rooted at CU) or universal (pertaining to higher education in Colorado, the United States or the world).


  • Policy issues, from the campus level to the national level
  • Fostering a diverse and inclusive campus culture
  • Legislative issues (no overtly partisan, political or personal attacks)
  • Tenure and promotion
  • Professional challenges in research, publishing, teaching and service work
  • Balancing work, family and health
  • Online teaching and degrees
  • Environmental sustainability of university campuses


  • Each article should be an original work, approximately 800-1,100 words in length, not previously submitted elsewhere for publication.
  • Use clear, informal writing, free of jargon. Consider the style of newspaper opinion pieces and editorials, rather than essays for scholarly journals.
  • When useful, include hyperlinks to relevant online material (facts and figures, news coverage, etc.).

Interested contributors should begin by submitting a brief pitch (just a sentence or two is fine), including the topic and the writer’s interest or expertise in this area. Click here to send a summary of your idea.

CU Connections reserves the right to exercise editorial oversight. Submissions will be edited for length, clarity and editorial style.

Questions? Contact the one of the co-chairs of the Faculty Council Communications Committee, Carrie Makarewicz or Carmen Stavrositu, or the editor of CU Connections, Jay Dedrick.