Earn $25 a month with Be Colorado Move. program

By Staff

Don’t miss out on your chance to earn $25 a month through the Be Colorado Move. program:

  • To enroll in Move., download the free “Be Colorado Move.” app and create an app account with an email address and password. Then, log in at the Move. website with your app account. Click on “Groups” then click “Join Move Program” and enter your last name and employee ID in order to enroll. Step-by-step instructions can be found here.
  • In order to earn the $25 each month, you must record at least 30 minutes of activity, 12 days a month, and upload your workouts to the Move. website. Upload your workouts by going to “Results” on the app and pressing the yellow heart button that says “Sync.”
  • Instructions on how to use the app to record your workouts and upload them to the Move. website can be found here for iPhone users and here for Android users.
  • Fitbit, Body Media and Garmin users can find enrollment and upload instructions here.
  • The payment for April-June will be on August’s paycheck. Incentives earned for July-September will be paid in November; October-December will be paid in February; and January-March will be paid in May.

For more information about Move. visit


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