Chen of Tech Transfer named President’s Employee of the Year

‘Quiet, effective leader’ receives award ; dozens recognized for years of service
By Staff

Nathan Chen (Photo: Cathy Beuten)

Nathan Chen, database administrator and IT manager for the CU Technology Transfer Office, received the annual President’s Employee of the Year Award during a recognition ceremony Friday at 1800 Grant St.

Nomination letters described him as a “quiet, effective leader” whose thoughtful, intelligent technical work has led to the establishment of a database that has boosted efficiency in the office. The honor includes a $1,000 award.

Five other employees from system administration were nominated for the honor, and also were recognized at Friday’s gathering: Tara Dressler, Lindsay Lennox and Kathe Zaslow, all of Tech Transfer; Stuart Littlefield, Procurement Service Center; and Sasha Meltser, University Information Services.

Dozens of system employees were recognized for reaching benchmarks in their years of service to the university:

30 Years:

  • Sandy Hicks, Procurement Service Center

25 Years:

  • Donald Eldhart, Office of the Treasurer
  • Tara Reeves, Risk Management
  • Jenny Rattana, Payroll and Benefit Services
  • Carl Sorenson, Office of University Controller

20 Years:

  • Lisa Affleck, Payroll and Benefit Services
  • Gary Hucal, University Information Systems
  • Lynne Lyons, Government Relations
  • Carolyn Peet, Risk Management
  • Wayne G. Scott, University Information Systems
  • Narindira Sharma, Procurement Service Center
  • David Turner, Procurement Service Center
  • Alan Vidmar, University Information Systems

15 Years:

  • Jon Arnold, University Relations
  • Gail Blandford, Payroll and Benefit Services
  • Mary Cook, Procurement Service Center
  • Jeff Gloyd, University Information Systems
  • Robert Lucas, Office of University Controller

10 Years:

  • Jennifer Bosma, Payroll and Benefit Services
  • David Braddock, The Coleman Institute
  • Jeremy Hueth, Office of University Counsel
  • Jonathan Levenstein, University Information Systems
  • Darlene Morrow, Procurement Service Center
  • Mai Ngo, Procurement Service Center
  • Wynn Pericak, Office of the President
  • Annalissa Philbin, Office of University Counsel
  • Treci Saenz, Tech Transfer Office
  • Kirsten Schuchman, Government Relations
  • Kathryn Tallman, Tech Transfer Office
  • Kathe Zaslow, Tech Transfer Office

Five Years:

  • Enid Ablowitz, The Coleman Institute
  • Judy Anderson, Office of University Counsel
  • Scott Frey, Payroll and Benefit Services
  • John Hanna, University Information Systems
  • Karen Ichiba, Office of University Controller
  • Lindsay Lennox, Tech Transfer Office
  • Tiara Lewis, Risk Management
  • Debbie Martin, Internal Audit
  • Shannon Matthews, Office of University Controller
  • Ken McConnellogue, University Relations
  • Sean Myers, University Information Systems
  • Annette Sargent, Payroll and Benefit Services
  • David Solin, Office of the Treasurer
  • Jill Taylor, Budget and Finance
  • Corky Volkert, Internal Audit
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