Three Boulder scientists honored for research

By Staff
From left: Satyen Deb, Dane Gillaspie,John Hall

From left: Satyen Deb, Dane Gillaspie, John Hall

Several scientists, including three connected with the University of Colorado at Boulder, have won the 2010 Governor's Award for High-Impact Research.

The researchers and their labs will be recognized at a reception and dinner on Monday, Oct. 25, at UCAR Center Green campus in Boulder.

Satyen Deb, Ph.D., and Dane Gillaspie,Ph.D., of the National Renewable Energy Lab Electricity and Building Systems Unit will receive the Energy Efficiency award for the discovery and development of Electrochromatic tintable windows to reduce energy consumption in buildings.

John Hall, Ph.D., a Nobel Prize laureate and member of JILA (Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics), will receive the Foundational Technology award for exploration of the nature of the laser light, leading to the development of the laser as a tool for ultra-precise measurements, guiding its commercialization and nurturing of the phototonics industry.