Huemer’s philosophy prize a first

By Staff

Michael Huemer, a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, is the winner of the inaugural Adams Prize in Philosophy, which is presented by the Taylor Charitable Trust, in partnership with University of North Carolina’s Program in the Humanities. Huemer’s research focuses on epistemology, ethics and metaethics.

The Adams Prize was named in honor of UNC philosopher and Kenan Professor E. Maynard Adams (1919–2003). The $50,000 prize recognizes the scholar who best demonstrates an understanding of Adams’ work, and the significance and implications of his ideas on the relationship between morality,

epistemology and metaphysics. To win the award, Huemer submitted an essay addressing the philosophical views of Adams as expressed in “Ethical Naturalism and the Modern World-View” (1960).

Adams was a longtime faculty leader, and an engaged public scholar. He was the co-founder of UNC’s Program in the Humanities and Human Values, its Peace, War, and Defense Curriculum, and served as Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Chair of the Faculty during his tenure.