High-rise kilt climb nets cancer funding

By Staff

More than 100 people rappelled down a 28-story building in downtown Denver Aug. 27 and 28 as a fundraiser for cancer research, but only Andrew Thorburn did it in a skirt, or more precisely, a kilt.

The Scottish-born deputy director of the University of Colorado Cancer Center promised he would descend from the building in a most unconventional way if he raised at least $2,000.

To have the privilege of participating in the Over the Edge event, each person had to raise at least $1,000 for the Cancer League of Colorado. Thorburn's final tally was $2,300.

The Cancer League supports work in Thorburn's lab and provides funding for other scientists studying cancer, including start-up funding for new research ideas. All donations go directly to cancer research and cancer patient services; since 1985, the league has donated more than $8 million in grants to those efforts.