Weight Watchers offers game plan for holiday season

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Do you aim to maintain your weight over the holiday? The Be Colorado Weight Watchers benefit and the Community have tips to help keep you on the path to success.

If you want to start the New Year without feeling like you're starting over, you can. The first thing you need is a positive attitude, says Dianne Siegelbaum, a New York-based meetings Leader. The second thing you need? A plan.

1. Plan each day
"Face the season in a highly organized manner," says New York Weight Watchers leader Liz Josefsberg. "There shouldn't be a day where you don't mentally and physically plan the way that you're going to attack that day." Have an overall goal for your holiday season weight management, and remember to weigh yourself weekly. Understand that a weight gain one week does not mean failure.

2. Offer to cook
Bring your own dish to share at your next holiday party and make sure it’s free of any of the ingredients you’ve committed to avoid. "I will know exactly what goes into 95 percent of the holiday dishes I serve," says Community user JULES1012.

3. Keep track
Write down what you're eating, even if you overdo it.

4. Plan for treats
Designate PointsPlus values for the cookies at the office and for the shared treats from coworkers. "The holidays are a preparation battle," Josefsberg says, "because there are so many surprises. You have to constantly be on top of your game."

5. Add activity
By exercising, you can earn extra PointsPlus values for the things you want to eat. Plus, it helps to get some fresh air.  "Any time I exercise, I feel that urge to continue eating well because I don't want to ruin what good I've done," offers JULES1012.

6. Bring food with you when shopping
If you find yourself hungry at the mall or in a department store, it can throw you off to not be able to find anything other than chocolate and fast food. Pack something healthy ahead of time so you can snack while you shop.

7. Don't go to your holiday party hungry
Follow the advice of the Community: Fill up on fresh veggies (watch out for the dip); drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have; take tiny portions; and if you crave something, eat it. Otherwise you will splurge.

8. Give yourself some credit
"Applaud yourself for deciding this year will be different," says Dianne Siegelbaum, another New York-based Weight Watchers leader. "When it comes time to make that New Year's resolution, you will already be on your way to a healthier and happier springtime." And reward yourself, too! Find non-food-related rewards that you can treat yourself to for every pound lost.

People who stay within sight of their weight-loss and weight management goals — in one way or another — are the people who eventually attain their goals. Figuring out what's different and more difficult about managing weight during the holidays helps you strategize how to work through it. Follow these steps to realize what your holiday weight-related challenges are and overcome them.

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