Updates to Article 5: Faculty and related policies now in effect

Extensive restructuring put into place July 1
By Staff

As part of the formal review of all regent laws and policies, the administration, in collaboration with the faculty, undertook a thorough review of Article 5: Faculty and the related regent and administrative policies (except regent policy 5.J and 5.K, relating to intellectual property).

The Board of Regents previously approved revisions to Article 5: Faculty; Policy 5: Faculty; and the rescissions of Article 9.A: Designations and Appendix 4.1: Dismissal of Faculty as a Result of Academic Unit or Degree Program Discontinuance in September 2018 – but the implementation was delayed to allow the administration time to update all related administrative policy statements (APSs). The APS updates are now complete.

The following new, revised, restructured and rescinded regent laws, regent policies and associated administrative policy statements relating to faculty took effect on July 1:

Regent Laws


Article 5: Faculty


Article 9: Designations


Regent Policies


Policy 5: Faculty


Policy 5.A: Faculty Governance




Policy 5.B: Academic Freedom

Policy 5.C: Faculty Appointments

Policy 5.D: Reappointment (to a tenure-track position), Tenure, and Promotion

Policy 5.E: Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Dismissal for Cause

Policy 5.F: Termination of Faculty Appointments Following Program Discontinuance

Policy 5.G: Faculty Grievance

Appendix 4.1: Dismissal of Faculty as a Result of Academic Unit or Degree Program Discontinuance


Administrative Policy Statements


1006-Differentiated Annual Workloads for Faculty


1007-Misconduct in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities

1009-Multiple Means of Teaching Evaluation

1015-Implementing Academic Unit or Degree Program Discontinuance (formerly, Implementing Program Discontinuance)

1017-Procedures for Implementing Regent Actions on Distinguished Professorships

1018-Justification for Appointment with Tenure (Outside Hire with Tenure)


1021-Mentoring for Tenure-Track and Tenure-Eligible Faculty

1022-Standards, Processes and Procedures for Reappointment, Tenure, Promotion, and Post-Tenure Review (formerly, Standards, Processes and Procedures for Comprehensive Review, Tenure, Post-Tenure Review and Promotion)


1024-Approval of Sabbatical Assignments

1026-Roles and Responsibilities of Department Chairs


1043-Independent Teaching and Scholarly/Creative Work



1044-Faculty Consulting and External Professional Activities

1045-Transfer of a Tenured Appointment

5005-Faculty Recruitment and Hiring


5008- Faculty Performance Evaluation (formerly, Performance Ratings for Faculty)



5012-Conflicts of Interest and Commitment in Research and Teaching

5053-Multi-Year Contracts for Instructional, Research and Clinical Faculty with Teaching Responsibilities or Librarian Appointments (formerly, Multi-Year Contracts for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Members)

5060-Faculty Appointments



5063-Leave for Faculty Serving in Elected Office


This review and revisions of Article 5: Faculty and associated policies were undertaken carefully and with input from key constituents. At each stage in the review process, proposed changes were discussed with the Faculty Council, the Faculty Council Educational Policy and University Standards (EPUS) Committee, and the faculty assemblies on each campus. All documents were also posted on a public website that allowed individuals to submit direct feedback.

The resulting documents are reorganized to better align regent laws, regent policies and administrative policies; and to ensure policy statements are captured at the appropriate level (i.e., regent law, regent policy, or APS). Because of the extensive restructuring, changes and updates are a mix of rescissions, revisions and new content, and previous section names may be different or updated in many cases.

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