University of Colorado Hospital internal medicine, specialty clinic relocating

By Staff

The University of Colorado Hospital Internal Medicine & Specialty Care Practice in Cherry Creek will move to a new location in the Lowry neighborhood Monday, March 8.

As part of hospital efforts to update and upgrade facilities, the new location was built with the patient in mind. From the entryway and lobby to the front desk and examination rooms, careful consideration was given to the comfort and privacy of patients. The new facility also will accommodate more doctors and staff.

"University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) is always looking for ways to serve our patients more efficiently," said Bruce Schroffel, president and CEO. "When the Internal Medicine & Specialty Care Practice moves from Garfield Street to Lowry, our patients should expect to see improved access to care and minimal waiting times."

UCH also is adding several specialty services for patients who need to see certain types of physicians. University of Colorado Hospital Internal Medicine & Specialty Care at Lowry will become a multi-specialty care center with the addition of cardiology; ear, nose and throat; obstetrics/gynecology; hand surgery; and podiatry.

"The addition of specialists will offer opportunities for collaboration in our patient's care, as well as a chance to develop academic ties that could foster future research directions," said Wagner Schorr-Ratzlaff, medical director of the expanded practice.

The new facility also will have a large retail pharmacy for patient convenience; it also will serve the community at large.

The practice's new address is 8111 E. Lowry Boulevard, Suite 120, Denver 80230.