University Benefits Advisory Board discontinued

Administration says UBAB had grown superfluous given changes in health plans
By Staff

The University Benefits Advisory Board (UBAB) was informed that it was being discontinued effective immediately at its Friday meeting.

The decision was made by President Bruce D. Benson at the recommendation of E. Jill Pollock, vice president of employee and information services, who presented the board with this letter at the meeting. She also emailed the communication to Faculty Council on Friday.

“President Benson believes the voice of faculty and staff is heard through their Regent-designated governance groups,” Pollock wrote in the email. “For employee health plans, in particular, times have changed from 1999, when UBAB was established. Employees have a direct way to offer suggestions to improve our plans each year, and for other benefits, like the tuition plan, their governance groups actively have been involved in recommending updates on behalf of constituents.”

Direct feedback and suggestions from employees regarding health and benefits plans will continue to be solicited. The CU Health and Welfare Trust last month asked employees for suggestions for health plan improvements and received more than 160 suggestions from Trust plan participants.

Employees also may present suggestions for health and benefit plan improvements via the Faculty Council’s Personnel Committee and Staff Council.

Employees with questions or concerns about health plans may call a benefits counselor from Employee Services at 303-860-4200, option 3, or toll-free at 1-855-216-7740, option 3.