UIS changes name, introduces new purpose and value statement

University Information Systems is now University Information Services
By Staff

UIS is changing its name from University Information Systems to University Information Services (UIS).

Why is UIS changing its name?

UIS’s work spans more than information systems. Information services encompass all the interactions between technology and partners – within UIS and on CU’s campuses – that enable people to conduct business.

Technology and needs are moving from monolithic to micro-service solutions, and UIS is responding to best serve the university. The new name reflects a change in UIS’s focus, from a vendor-centric to a business-need-centric model.

Why change?

UIS’s new model will realign the department to focus on idea generation, forward-looking value for CU and supporting customer business processes with information technology.

Increasingly, “systems” are being commoditized and easier for customers to purchase than look for integration into source systems. In response, UIS will increasingly focus on finding the best technology solutions for CU.

“While our name change may seem small, it marks a major shift in the department’s approach and philosophy,” said Scott Munson, associate vice president and CIO of UIS. “As UIS continues to strive to provide secure, performant and reliable CU-wide technology solutions, a services emphasis inherently changes the conversation from a focus on technology options to university objective and value. As a result, more innovative and creative discussion will occur to support the university’s mission.”

The new UIS model necessitated some reorganization to best position UIS to meet its goals. An updated organizational chart can be found here.

New Purpose and Value Statement

With this change, comes a new purpose and value statement:

Purpose Statement

Why: We positively impact the trajectory of individual lives and society.

How: We empower the CU community through university-wide IT services.

What: We are University Information Services.

UIS Values

Person-centric: People come first. We value their contribution and want to empower them to make a difference.

Integrity: We do the right thing, regardless of who is watching.

Service: We are committed to knowing and understanding our customers and delivering value.

Collaboration: We are actively engaged with others toward a common endeavor.