Staff Council aims for continuity, communication

Governance group extends terms of current leaders

University of Colorado Staff Council (UCSC) on Friday passed two resolutions aimed at enhancing the governance group’s response to the demands of the COVID-19 crisis.

During the special meeting, which was held via Zoom, the council approved a resolution authorizing Chair Ryan Untisz to offer ex officio roles to one chair from each campus. Those members will have non-voting seats on the UCSC executive committee for the duration of the crisis in order to expedite communication.

The council also approved a resolution extending terms by one year for its officers (vice chair, treasurer, secretary, communications officer and parliamentarian); the two-year term of Untisz continues this coming year, so the change doesn’t apply to him. The move is aimed at bolstering continuity and stability while the university system reacts to financial and workplace effects of the pandemic. CU Faculty Council recently passed a similar measure.