SkillSoft courses

By Staff

Do you need to learn a new skill quickly? Or need to refresh your memory on a specific topic? SkillSoft courses and resources are available to help solve day-to-day learning needs.For example, if you have questions about a new feature in Excel 2007, you may access training anytime, from any computer. And access the same training as many times as you need.With SkillSoft, you have the ability to pick and choose the topics you want to learn. Also, once you have opened a course, you do not have to complete it.

Try it out. Go to SkillPort, accessed through the myCU portal, and use the "Search for" feature to locate a topic. Type in a choice such as "Excel 2007" and click on Search. A list of courses, books and job aids will appear.

Questions? Visit the Employee Learning and Development Web site.