Resources aid understanding of university code of conduct

Commitment to high standards keeps CU a great place to work, learn
By Staff

University leadership is reminding members of the CU community about available resources that aid with understanding the code of conduct.

President Bruce Benson on Monday issued the following communication:

The University of Colorado community aspires to the highest levels of legal and ethical conduct to ensure we maintain and strengthen our standing as a great place to work and learn. Regent Law states that we are all responsible for understanding and upholding those high standards of legal and ethical conduct to ensure we maintain trust in the institution by our various stakeholders. Achieving that end contributes to maintaining a solid reputation, which allows us to meet the expectations of our constituents and is critical to advancing our mission in education, research and public service.
As members of the university community, we have certain expectations and obligations we must meet, including:

  • acting responsibly
  • respecting one another
  • avoiding conflicts of interest and commitment (in fact and appearance)
  • conducting academic and research work with integrity
  • effectively stewarding university resources
  • maintaining a safe workplace
  • protecting the confidentiality and privacy of information
  • communicating openly and effectively
  • reporting suspected misconduct

Regent Policy 1.B articulates our commitment to a university code of conduct that guides us. I encourage you to become familiar with the following standards, guidelines and resources that guide our efforts to maintain and advance our core values.

Ethics and Compliance Contacts, who are individuals responsible for campus ethics and compliance activities, which are reported to the Board of Regents Audit Committee.

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