Reorganized university staff and faculty leave policies now in effect

Regents also have approved revised staff recruitment policy
By Staff

A comprehensive review of university staff and faculty leave policies resulted in some revisions and reorganization of leave policies at the regent and administrative policy levels.

At the regent level, the Board of Regents on April 2 approved changes to Policy 11.E: Leave Policies for University Staff and 12-Month Faculty, which moved most of the administrative detail from the previous regent policies to administrative policy statements.

The new APS 5062-Leave was approved earlier, but officially became effective April 2 to coincide with the rollout of regent policy 11.E. The new APS will contain most of the detail previously contained in regent policy and creates an all-inclusive suite of leave policies provided to university staff and 12-month faculty. 

For more detailed information on the changes to regent policy 11.E, go to

For more detailed information on the changes to the administrative policy statements, go to

Changes to Regent Policy 3.F – approved and effective April 2

The Board of Regents also approved changes to Policy 3.F: Search for Other University Staff, which will be renamed Policy 6.B: Staff Recruitment.

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