Reminders and appointment scheduling changes from the International Tax Office

By Staff

Online appointment scheduling: Effective immediately, appointments to meet with our international tax specialists should be made online via our new appointment scheduling system.  Employees will select their campus of employment and identify the reason they require an appointment.  They will then be able to select a date and time that is convenient.

Please help get the word out and provide all of your international employees with the website address of our system. Employees also may link to this system from the PBS and International Tax Office homepages, after Sept. 1.

New international employees: All new international employees of the University of Colorado, including students, scholars and researchers, are required to consult with an international tax specialist to determine and document tax residency status and to fill out related paperwork. When possible, it is ideal for this consultation to occur prior to receipt of the first paycheck. Employees should be prepared to review their entire history of presence in the U.S., including dates in and out of the U.S. and corresponding immigration statuses. A Social Security number is not required to schedule an initial appointment with an international tax specialist.

International tax specialist campus contact information:

CU-Boulder and UCCS:

CU Denver: