Remind student employees to verify mailing addresses before break

By Staff

As student employees think less about hitting deadlines and more about finding cheap flights home for the holidays, Employee Services is challenging you to catch students’ attention and remind them to update their mailing addresses before taking off this month.

The hook? If CU has an incorrect mailing address on file, it won’t be able to mail students their W-2 forms — key to filing a tax return and, in turn, getting money back from the government.

Employee Services is urging all employees to update their mailing addresses within the employee portal by Jan. 5. Employee services will mail all W-2 forms by Jan. 31, 2015, as required by the IRS. That need is particularly urgent for student employees, many of whom are completing finals either this week or next, and preparing to head home for the holidays.

Review, update or add an address

  1. Log in to the employee portal at
  2. A pop-up window will appear, containing any addresses you have on file. CU will mail your W-2 Form to the address within the “mailing address” field or, if there is none, within the “home” field.
  3. If the mailing address that appears is correct, click the confirmation link below and submit. Please note: Postal services will not forward W-2 forms, even if you have filled out a forwarding address card.
  4. If the mailing address that appears is incorrect, or if there is no mailing address listed, select the “Update my information” link. You’ll be taken to a new screen in which you can add and edit addresses. Complete the appropriate fields and submit your information.

Until employees review and/or update this information, this pop-up window will appear each time they log in to the portal.