Regent candidates: Here's why we want to serve

Newsletter invited potential board members to address faculty, staff
By Staff

Editor's note: The Faculty and Staff Newsletter invited each of the candidates on the Nov. 2 ballot for Board of Regents to respond, in up to 250 words, to this request:

Please tell the faculty and staff of the University of Colorado system why you wish to serve on the Board of Regents.

Responses received this week appear below; responses received by next week will appear in the Oct. 27 issue:


Steve Bosley Incumbent, R-Broomfield
Steve Bosley
Incumbent, R-Broomfield

Steve BosleyIncumbent, R-Broomfield

I am frequently asked why, with the financial crisis at CU, I would choose to serve another six years. My heartfelt response: People who truly care, who have the passion, commitment, background and proven experience to help are needed now to address CU's No. 1 priority, the most challenging budget crisis in our 134-year history.

My background and experience are not theoretical. They have stood the tests of real life. When added to my experience on the board, I have a unique perspective into these unprecedented economic issues facing CU. However, measures implemented to deal with the crisis must be evaluated in the context of upholding our moral commitment to provide affordable access to qualified Colorado students, and our pledge of a world-class education.

At the very core of our success of providing a world-class education is the quality of our outstanding faculty, on every one of our campuses. You are committed professional educators who truly care about educating Colorado's students and the discovery and exploration of new knowledge. I recognize and greatly appreciate the outstanding commitment the staff has made to do your part in addressing this challenge. I know every one of you is carrying a bigger load and you are doing more with less.

I am not a politician and have no intention of seeking other public office. I love my alma mater, care about our students and the future of higher education in Colorado. My interest is to help CU continue as a world-class public university.


Melissa Hart Democrat, Denver
Melissa Hart
Democrat, Denver

Melissa HartDemocrat, Denver

I hope to serve on the Board of Regents because I believe I can bring a perspective to the board that we need so that CU will remain a leader for higher education in the future. We need regents whose vision for CU respects the great work that is done by staff, faculty and students all over the university and recognizes the high quality of the faculty whose research helps to build the university's name. We need regents who are focused on keeping high-quality education affordable for Colorado students at a great research university that provides innovation and growth to our state. That is the kind of regent I will be – focused on education and CU's future, and not on the ideological agendas that have recently occupied the board's time.

For the past decade, I have been teaching at CU's School of Law. I have been actively involved in faculty governance, serving on committees at the school, on the Boulder campus and across the university. I know a lot about what works well at CU, and where we can be better. Most of all, though, I know the people working on the campuses are the people who will find the budget cuts, the program refinements and other sacrifices that will get us through these very tough financial times. What the regents must do is offer a vision for CU's future and for the future of higher education in Colorado. I am running because I offer that vision and that focus.



Michael Carrigan Incumbent, D-Denver
Michael Carrigan
Incumbent, D-Denver

Michael CarriganIncumbent, D-Denver

For the last six years, I have been honored to represent the 1st Congressional District on the CU Board of Regents. During those six years, I have been a consistent advocate for shared governance and the interests of faculty and staff. If re-elected, I will continue this commitment for another term.

The University of Colorado is at an important crossroads. As the state continues to reduce its funding, the administration will be faced with many difficult options. I am committed to preserving CU's excellence and accessibility. Essential to those goals is that we respect and protect the needs and interests of our faculty and staff. In recent years, faculty and staff have been asked to make tremendous sacrifices by contributing more toward their retirement and health-care premiums, all while being asked to do more work for no more pay. The sad reality is that the need for such sacrifices may continue in the future. If I am re-elected, I will do everything I can to make sure faculty and staff (and students) have a voice in the tough budget decisions that lie ahead.

I have always been and will continue to be open and accessible. I invite any faculty or staff members with questions or concerns to contact me at or the direct line at my office, 303-295-8314. Thanks to all our loyal faculty and staff for all they do to make our university great.



Robert "BC" Bishop-Cotner Democrat, Windsor
Robert "BC" Bishop-Cotner
Democrat, Windsor

Robert "BC" Bishop-CotnerDemocrat, Windsor

I would like to be on the CU Board of Regents because I feel I can make a positive impact on Colorado's future in education. I have a passion for teaching, and as a current high school teacher, I see tomorrow's freshman everyday in my classroom. I see and hear their dreams for a higher education. My goal is to keep the opportunity for that education available to all Colorado students, and still maintain affordable tuition while balancing the costs of providing excellent programs. I believe that it is possible to strengthen the entire educational system, K through grad school, and I feel that the University of Colorado should be Colorado's premier, flagship University.

I bring with me the experience of being both a college student and a teacher. This will enhance the overall perspective of the board when making those tough decisions. I also bring the experience of management through crisis after serving on the Windsor Town Board through the 2008 tornado and the economic downturn. Through both, Windsor has not had any furlough days or layoff of employees. We have not had to cut services, and we have balanced the town budget while still adding new parks, police station and Interstate 25 interchange improvements. All things are possible – Never Settle!