President's Task Force on Efficiency seeks more suggestions

Ongoing review will expand on improvements inspired by March report
By Staff

The President's Task Force on Efficiency is beginning its next phase of reviewing suggestions from faculty and staff and discussing potential ways to streamline or eliminate unnecessary policies, processes and paperwork in system administration.

In March, the task force issued a 57-page report, which included a list of top 10 aggravators for university employees. It also outlined 36 recommendations designed to address many of these aggravators.

Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff Leonard Dinegar, chair of the task force, says staff will revisit the hundreds of comments and suggestions received prior to issuing its report in March, as well as study feedback received since the report was issued. He encourages faculty and staff to continue to submit ideas, suggestions, concerns and complaints for consideration in the upcoming review.

"Our goal is to find a few more key solutions to things that frustrate or bog us down — much like the changes we made to the dollar-amount thresholds for official functions, saving thousands of forms a year for our faculty and staff," Dinegar said.

To participate in the continuing effort: