Philanthropy at Work: Ann Komara

To boost tomorrow’s communicators, faculty member puts money where mouth is

Philanthropy At Work

Ann Komara

Ann Komara (Photo: John Pechacek)

Ann Komara is an associate professor in the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado Denver, and chair of the department of landscape architecture. And she is a donor to a project that is close to her heart: a student journal called ROOT.

The journal is a student-run enterprise that started in 2009. In 2011, it won an honorable mention award in a national competition for student journals. She hopes to better that this year.

“I value giving to this because I value writing,” Komara said. “I believe that good writing communicates clear thinking, and my profession needs more well-written criticism and discourse. This design journal has become an avenue for students to get jobs. They are the editors and copy editors, they do the graphic design, website, PR and marketing. I value the experience they get.”

Komara’s contribution, which she makes through monthly payroll deduction, supports the production costs of ROOT. Students may also opt to use the funds as an honorarium to sponsor a guest speaker or lecturer whose talk ties into the theme of the publication.

She is proud to support such a quality representation of her students' work and talent.

“I tell people at design firms about it,” Komara said. “I often bring copies of the journal as PR for the department. It generates discussion and is a fabulous presentation of our department’s interests and quality. Other donors are beginning to materialize.”

When asked why she gives, Komara said, “You’ve got to walk the talk, right? If you are here (at CU Denver) and truly vested in the education goals of the university, then you might as well. It’s important to put your money where your mouth is.”

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