Office of Policy and Efficiency announces July 1 policy changes

By Staff

Director of the Office of Policy and Efficiency Dan Montez. [Photo by Ashley Mohr

The Office of Policy and Efficiency recently announced changes to 33 administrative policy statements, or APSs, effective July 1, 2009. The changes will affect academic, administrative, fiscal, and human resources policies.

Respective policy owners developed the changes as part of the university's ongoing efficiency efforts. Various stakeholder groups reviewed the changes before university executives discussed them and approved them on June 12. President Bruce D. Benson has signed them and made them official.

In summary, the university has eliminated 19 policies, revised 12, and has added two new policies required by recent changes in state law. For a complete list and for more details, including why the changes were made, visit the OPE Web site.

OPE Director Dan Montez said the university eliminated policies because they were obsolete, duplicative, were already covered by regent laws or polices, or were streamlined and combined into other related APSs.  Several eliminations were based on recommendations made by the President's Task Force on Efficiency in March.

The university revised 12 policies to comply with changing state and federal laws; to align them more closely with current practices and standards; to remove archaic language or references to old policies; or to streamline and simplify them.

Questions and feedback on any of these APS actions can be directed to the Office of Policy and Efficiency at 303-860-5711 or or via the policy Web site.