Next Race@CU discussion set for Feb. 11 at CU-Boulder

Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee sponsoring systemwide series
By Staff

The university community is invited to take part in a creative research presentation followed by facilitated small group conversations about racial and ethnic inclusion at CU-Boulder.

The event – Student Voices at CU: What Racial and Ethnic Inclusion Means for Our Campus – is set for 4-5:30 p.m. Feb. 11 in the Aspen Rooms of the University Memorial Center at CU-Boulder. Light snacks will be provided.

The event is aimed at bringing together different members of the campus to discuss the meaning of inclusion, as well as implications for policies and practices at CU. Student voices are critical to ensuring that campus efforts at inclusion achieve their goals.

This event follows on a report completed in 2015 by CU Engage students: Students of Color are Motivated Agents of Change: Why Aren’t We Joining Your Programs? While centered on the experience of students of color, this interactive event is intended for all members of the campus community – students, staff, faculty and administrators of all backgrounds – to discuss policies and practices that support racial and ethnic inclusion at CU-Boulder.

The event, part of the Race @ CU series, is sponsored by the systemwide Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee (EMAC) and has been planned by students, staff, and faculty in coordination with multiple campus entities, including: CU Engage; Center for Unity and Engagement; EMAC; the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Community Engagement; and the BOLD Center.

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