New international employees must meet with CU tax specialists

By Staff

All new University of Colorado international employees—including students, faculty and researchers—must consult with a CU international tax specialist to determine and document their U.S. tax status, and fill out related paperwork.

While it's ideal for employees to schedule these consultations before they receive their first paychecks, the rush of the new semester can delay appointment availability. Please note that appointment delays do not affect employees' ability to work and, when necessary, the Employee Services team may make retroactive payroll adjustments to correct taxed pay that was issued before the tax consultation. Employees do not need to have received their Social Security number to set an appointment.

Please contact your campus I-9 Office for questions about your international employees' employment eligibility.

Scheduling appointments

Employees can schedule appointments through the online scheduling system. (Please use a browser other an Internet Explorer 9 to access the online scheduling system.)

What employees should bring

Employees should be prepared to review their entire history of presence in the United States and corresponding immigration statuses. They should bring their passport, I-94 and immigration documents to the meeting. A Social Security number is not required at the initial appointment.

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