Major software upgrade to benefit CU business operations

Two-year project will improve HR, finance systems for faculty, staff
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Over the next two years, a major software upgrade promises to improve how CU faculty and staff get paid, track leave, manage financial transactions and perform many other functions.

The PeopleSoft HCM/FIN 9.2 Upgrade project is a collaboration between CU’s system administration and campus personnel to enhance and update many aspects of the university’s business operations.

When the project goes live in November 2015, HR and Finance users across CU will use new online features, functions and enhancements to help employees consolidate tasks and find support. (Note: As part of the upgrade, HR system’s name will change from HRMS to Human Capital Management [HCM].)

To assure the upgraded systems best serve employees’ needs, campus users will be asked to give feedback during various stages of the process. These groups will be critical to a successful implementation.

Why is CU upgrading its systems?

CU’s current HRMS and Finance systems have not been updated in several years. As a result, we have missed out on functionalities that will help the university be more effective. This upgrade brings systems up to date and lays the foundation for future enhancements.

How can I stay informed about this project?

The project team will keep the CU community informed throughout the upgrade through the PeopleSoft HCM/FIN 9.2 Upgrade project site ( It provides areas for overall project news as well as dedicated areas for Finance and HCM.

High-level project information and updates will be featured in upcoming CU Connections articles and in the CU Resources area of the employee portal (

What will happen during the project?

The project comprises five phases: Planning, Development, Testing, Training and Go Live.

Project Timeline

Planning and Design

During this phase, work plans will be created, key users/stakeholders are identified and fit/gap sessions will be conducted with key users to document current and future business and system processes. Functional and technical design documents then will be prepared for the development phase.


Design documents will be approved by key users during this phase. Business and system process gap resolutions will be approved and implementation plans developed. Detailed design documents from the design phase also will be built and system tested.


All the project pieces will be brought together into a special testing environment to test for errors, bugs and usability, in order to verify that the system meets all the business requirements defined in the design phase. University-wide testers will be asked to provide their feedback and insights during this time.


Users will learn the system guided by targeted training plans. Additionally, new business processes will be finalized.

Go Live

Employees will have access to new, improved tools. We will continue to listen to your feedback about the systems.

Project Timeline

When will we hear more about new features and tools?

Full details about new PeopleSoft tools, features, functions and enhancements will be finalized following the Fit/Gap conclusion in June. The university will provide previews of tools, programs and functionalities to employees throughout the planning and design phase.



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